Mars Society Polska (MSP) is the Polish chapter of The Mars Society, an international association working over a manned mission to Mars and operating in planetary studies. The organization brings together specialists in astronautics (such as Robert Zubrin, Buzz Aldrin), scientists, filmmakers (e.g., James Cameron), writers (Kim Stanley Robinson), enthusiasts – all those who share a vision of human presence on Mars. It also actively participates in the development of space technologies and industry, especially in Poland.

MURB Space is a company operating in space industry. The main areas of operation include mechanical projects, system engineering, business development, consultancy and establishment of business relations between partners operating in space industry. The company was established in 2016 by Maciej Urbanowicz who in the years 2010-2012 was a coordinator and one of the constructors of the first Polish satellite PW-Sat. Making use of his experience, knowledge and international connections, the company supports clients of space industry in many domains.

The European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) is an educational project of ESA, supporting the primary and secondary education community in Europe. The Copernicus Science is the polish partner of the ESERO project. ESERO uses space related themes and the genuine fascination felt by young people for space not only to enhance school pupils’ competence in technology-related subjects, but also to raise awareness of the large range of career opportunities in the space domain

Nicolaus Copernicus University Centre for Technology Transfer is a form of facilitating cooperation between Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Collegium Modicum in Bydgoszcz and third parties – investors. NCU CTT Sp. z o.o is a special purpose vehicle pursuant to Art 86 of higher education law. The university is obliged by the following bequest to create such partnerships to commercialize knowledge. This kind of partnership is the equivalent partner in relation to other business entities. NCU TTC Sp. z o.o. operates within the framework of the project called “Start up and business development of Nicolaus Copernicus University Centre for Technology Transfer Sp. z.o.o.” financed from SPIN TECH Programme (which enables creation of special purpose vehicles and helps on the early stage of development) of National Research and Development Centre.


Oprogramowanie Naukowo-Techniczne Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. is the distributor of MATLAB and Simulink software in Poland. MATLAB and Simulink are two families of products of MathWorks company, consisting of over 80 modules (toolboxes), where functions and tools for data acquisition and analysis, designing of dynamic systems and code generation are grouped together. Due to such extensive scope of possibilities of application, support for methodology of Model-Based Design and possibility to detect errors on an early stage of designing, the tools are present in almost all domains of industry. In the space sector MATLAB and Simulink are used by such companies as NASA, ESA, Swedish Space Corporation, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, or Airbus D&S. ABM Space Sp. z o.o. has recently joined this broad spectrum of users.