ABM Space Sp. z o.o. is a company established in 2011 which originated from college students team taking part in Robotics Competition URC in USA.  The partnership is involved in modern technologies connected with space sector and transfer of solutions for sectors outside the space. The main areas of company’s operations are:  mobile and orbital robotics, measurement systems for research and tests of dynamics of mechanical systems, remote control systems, collection of data and their analysis (including image analysis, location and environment data), positioning algorithms without the use of GPS, designing and prototyping of electronic devices and mechanical units, control interfaces and perception of man-machine, virtual and physical simulation systems.

Using the best technical and technological achievements and knowledge of our employees we create the best robotized applications for space and earth use.

The goal of ABM Space company is to be an important partner of space industry companies delivering high quality technological solutions.

Sebastian Meszyński

Sebastian Meszyński CEO

Mateusz Józefowicz

Mateusz Józefowicz CCO

Adam Krebs
Adrian Organiak
Inna Uwarowa
Justyna Trawicka
Kamil Kotlarek
Krzysztof Rydel

Maciej Ślęk
Maciej Urbanowicz
Marta Graczyk
Michał Koepke
Radosław Gatyński
Łukasz Zapała